Airport public art

The airport in my hometown, San Diego, has been renovating within the past couple years and has started installing temporary public art installations related to travel and San Diego. Since I’m going back home soon I thought I’d share some of the past installations they’ve had.


Mural Arts Program

Someone blogged about the Mural Arts Program, but its particularly interesting to me because the apartment building I currently live in actually has one a mural from the Mural Arts Program painted on the side. It adds a lot of character to an otherwise pretty underwhelming college-residence tuskegee

Performance art with Marina Abramovi pt 2

Another one of her works that I found particularly interesting(and a little upsetting) was Rhythm 0. In this piece, she placed 72 different objects, ranging from a gun and a knife to honey and perfume. She occupied the same space as the spectators and remained passive and vulnerable for 6 hours as the spectators grabbed whatever objects they wished to use on her. Description by someone who was there: “It began tamely. Someone turned her around. Someone thrust her arms into the air. Someone touched her somewhat intimately. The Neapolitan night began to heat up. In the third hour all her clothes were cut from her with razor blades. In the fourth hour the same blades began to explore her skin. Her throat was slashed so someone could suck her blood. Various minor sexual assaults were carried out on her body. She was so committed to the piece that she would not have resisted rape or murder. Faced with her abdication of will, with its implied collapse of human psychology, a protective group began to define itself in the audience. When a loaded gun was thrust to Marina’s head and her own finger was being worked around the trigger, a fight broke out between the audience factions.”


Performance art

Marina Abramovic is as well known Serbian, NY-based performance artist. In this piece, The Artist is Present, she sat immobile in the MOMA, with spectators taking seat opposite to her. She engages her audience and has interestingly intimate moments with these spectating strangers.