My proposal on final project

Hi guys,

Here is an idea that I came up with and could possibly be considered for the final project.

As I have been rushing through all the people in  Locust walk, I was inspired by all leaves that were falling all over campus as winter approached. I did a sketch of a flat statue that resembles that of a rushing person made out of leaves in motion. I was considering maybe cut it in half and only leaving the right part of it because I want it to be only readable when looking from the side: it is only by stopping and looking in another perspective that we can see someone from Locust walk superposing with the statue and  completing the piece. I just wanted to convey the message of sometimes stopping for a while and realizing how our time passes just as the autumn leaves as we are rushing through our lives. We could stop a little from our busy lives, look around the world and discover something that we might not see while we are running through the crowd.





2 thoughts on “My proposal on final project

  1. This is pretty cool! My team is working with the theme “How we are losing our childhood/innocence” by rushing through our time in college on our way to “the real world”. We should definitely bounce ideas off each other.


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