Paper Sculpture for Harper’s Bazaar China

danni-li-harpers-bazaar-china-may-2012-1-e1342600998366 danni-li-harpers-bazaar-china-may-2012-1-e1342664968324 danni-li-harpers-bazaar-china-may-2012-3-e1342600784555 danni-li-harpers-bazaar-china-may-2012-21-e1336713604298 danni-li-harpers-bazaar-china-may-2012-31-e1336713583665 danni-li-harpers-bazaar-china-may-2012-41-e1342600937908 harpers-bazaar-china2-ceb1cebdcf84ceafceb3cf81ceb1cf86cebf l_f0780b60-8bca-11e2-a02a-67601be00010


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