Image as Narrative — Some Interesting Examples

Some images below are student works, some are not. Notice how much information they can fit in a single frame, packing it with symbolism. Which ones harness the simple power of “foreground, midground, background?”

These static images still have a focal point that pulls the viewer in and then a hierarchy that helps decipher where to look first, second, etc.

Also note how some of these images are constructed. Most are some sort of photo collage yet each have their own stylization or way of creating visual unity within their narrative “world.” How do they create continuity when there are multiple images?

Comic-Collage-Art-1 Joe-Webb-Collage-Art-2 the-dollypop-guild Graham_Proj_2.1 Jenny Ho 2-1 Jinglu Li 2-1 Peter Chung-2-1 Salem_Project 2-1 SorayaProject2-1


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